Attending the Event

The Seycove Family of Schools Auction Committee has been implementing some changes to their system for purchasing tickets, in the hopes of saving the money spent on credit card fees. Please read the following distinct tasks which must be completed before the week of the event:

Buying Tickets:

  • Each "Attendee" must have a ticket to gain entry to the event
  • Tickets go on sale February 2nd at 7:00 AM
  • Tickets may be purchased through e-mail only; follow the link for Buying Tickets
  • A "Ticket Purchaser" is the designated person who orders individual or group tickets
  • If purchasing a group of tickets, the Ticket Purchaser should relay the name and e-mail of every attendee

Ticket Pick-up/Distribution:

  • Tickets will be delivered to the school offices after payment is received, please make out cheques to 'Seycove PAC'
  • Please bring tickets with you to gain entry
  • Tickets will be labeled with Table Number only

Registering as a Bidder:

  • Attendees who have received their tickets must register their contact information to gain entry and become an auction "Bidder"
  • Attendees can become auction bidders by registering online through the Register as a Bidder page

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